The Cure Starts Now DIPG / DMG Collaborative

The Cure Starts Now Foundation (CSN) is an IRS 501C non-profit charity dedicated to educating, aiding and funding the search for a cure for pediatric brain cancer in the hopes of curing all cancers.

The DIPG Collaborative is an alliance of 30 independent foundations unified in the goal of funding DIPG research through strategy and a long-term approach. The Cure Starts Now is the administrator and a Founding Partner of the DIPG Collaborative.


The Cure Starts Now Foundation offers a $50,000 (U.S. dollars) start-up grant awarded to an innovative grant related to pediatric brain cancer research. The DIPG Collaborative may also offer a second additional $50,000 (U.S. dollars) start-up grant awarded to an innovative grant related to DIPG research. One unified grant form is necessary for both eligible grants and voting will be unified. Such approved grant is expected to be implemented within 6-months of acceptance and no grant shall be contingent on other external funding unless explicitly approved in writing by the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Council of CSN. Considerations will be made for multiple grant solicitations that represent separate expense line items or an expansion of an existing research project with the prior approval of the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Council of The Cure Starts Now.

Funding is for direct costs related to the research project. Examples of direct costs include personnel, salary, supplies, equipment and patient care expenses. Support for salary must not exceed percentage of effort related to the research. Institutional costs may be considered, but it is recommended that justification be provided in the budget of the grant. A total of 10% or less of institutional and indirect costs is recommended. Travel costs are excluded from funding in this grant application, but investigators may request additional support from The Cure Starts Now to travel to meetings to present research funded by the Foundation. These requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Preliminary grant applications will be accepted up until October 1, 2021, 11:00 PM ET. Emails with questions can be sent to keith@thecurestartsnow.org. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Grants may be granted to organizations outside of the United States of America and current members of the CSN Medical Advisory Council may also apply, though will be required to recuse themselves during the entire voting process.

Applications will be reviewed by the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Council, and any special panel he or she convenes, at which point up to 5 finalists will be determined for consideration at the 2021 DIPG/DMG Symposium (Houston, Texas, USA November 4-6th) in an abbreviated 4-minute presentation by the researcher. Please see official schedule for dates and times of Cure Fund presentations. Finalists will be notified by October 11, 2021. No appeals will be considered. Lack of finalists may result in one grant being awarded only. Finalists unable to present personally at the 2019 DIPG Symposium meeting will be removed from consideration. Depending on availability, reimbursement of travel costs may be covered by The Cure Starts Now. From the finalists one or two winners will be determined by the represented members of the Medical Advisory Council and special delegates selected by the Medical Advisory Council Chairman and grant proceeds will be paid by the end of the meeting.

If internal review has not yet been performed or the study cannot begin within 6-months of grant approval, funds will be withheld until such time that The Cure Starts Now Foundation is notified that the program has been formally approved and will be implemented. If program approval is not received with 6 months and the program is not implemented, it shall be the sole discretion of the Medical Advisory Council Chairman to either deny, modify or delay grant funding to the institution.

A progress report must be submitted by the investigator(s) on annual intervals and at the end of the funding period. Failure to submit a progress report will exclude the investigator from any future funding from the foundation. Additionally, upon approval of funding by The Cure Starts Now, the institution receiving funding must supply a letter acknowledging the grant and amount as well as a link to their website containing further information about the study for the education and coordination of affected individuals and families. A link to this website as well as the answers submitted in Section 1 and Section 2 submitted by the investigator will be posted on The Cure Starts Now website.

Funding by The Cure Starts Now and/or all members of the DIPG Collaborative must be specifically acknowledged in all presentations and publications that involve research funded by the foundation(s). Grantees shall notify, in writing, The Cure Starts Now of all publishing papers or presentations of study results before release to the general public or research community and shall make available full copies of such work. Our goal is to share research and information, so it is mandatory that any and all study results will be shared promptly with the scientific community and not be kept strictly for proprietary purposes. Failure to promptly and fully share any and all study results with the broader scientific community may result in a revocation, pause and/or complete discontinuation of any funding yet to be disbursed under such research funded by the foundation. Consideration for a limited delay, not to exceed 30 days, in reporting of results will be given to unpublished data that is the subject of a patent application. For clarity, any and all data that is included in a filed patent application must be made available immediately following the filing of such a patent application. Updates and notifications of publishings may be made to keith@thecurestartsnow.org.

Submissions to The Cure Starts Now Foundation for grant approval should not be construed to be confidential information and the submitting organization agrees to release The Cure Starts Now Foundation from any and all liability from the discussion, Internet posting or consideration of all documents submitted. If requested in writing by the applicant, posting of application answers to section 1 and 2 will only be posted for public view at www.thecurestartsnow.org, www.dipg.org and associated sites. All other responses and submissions will still be shared with members of the Medical Advisory Council and partnering foundations.

  • Must be an MD, DO, PhD, Dr, PH or equivalent
  • Must be a member of a non-profit organization or a valid medical/scientific organization.
  • Must be up to date with any previous funding through The Cure Starts Now, which includes progress report submissions.
  • Applications must be submitted as a researcher account within the snapgrant.com system
  • Grants must be assigned the "Cure Fund" affiliation when posting within snapgrant.com
  • Submit preliminary grant applications by October 1, 2021, 11:00 PM ET
  • Single spaced
  • In English
  • See additional requirements within

  • Innovation
    (a primary consideration of the Cure Fund process and may be weighted accordingly) Does the research study propose a novel approach or represent advancement in current treatment of pediatric brain cancer?

  • Scientific merit
    What is the hypothesis and does the study adequately answer and address the hypothesis? Does the study use valid research and statistical methods?

  • Disease impact
    Does the study propose an intervention or clinical tool that will reduce the morbidity or mortality from or potentially find a cure for pediatric brain cancer?

  • Feasibility
    Is the study likely to meet its goals during the funding period? Can the research findings be translated into clinic practice? Are the research findings likely to result in a direct change in morbidity or mortality of pediatric brain cancer in the near future?

  • Expertise of investigator(s)
    Do the investigators have the expertise to meet their research goals?


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Keith Desserich at: keith@thecurestartsnow.org